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As far back as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with food. My earliest food memories involve assisting my mum in the kitchen as a very young girl, and my passion for cooking soon grew.

My dreams of being a chef took a slight detour when I embarked on the conventional road leading to university and a 'professional' job. My passion for food burned in me every day and couldn't be matched by anything the corporate world had to offer. So I enrolled in college and trained for three years as a professional chef.

Upon training, I was fortunate to have worked in some of London's top restaurants. Still, I then pivoted to become a private chef for celebrities and prestigious, high net worth individuals/families across the world, which I have been for the majority of my career.

My love for food and my career, opened the way for other passions I never knew I possessed, namely travel and exploring food through travel. In 2009 - 2014, I set up and ran Akhaya cookery school, celebrating food from across Africa running practical classes where people could discover the wonders of food from the continent, receiving press coverage from media outlets including CNN.

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, I lost my job as a private chef, and as devastating as it was, the idea for Bowled Over, came to me as the perfect opportunity to merge my breadth of experience. My passion for food and culture, as well as my joy of seeing people eat well.

My hope is that all the delicious bowls, as well as the story behind the business, will bring hope and joy to people, letting them know that there is always a way to journey forward.

Lots of love, Jen