1. How do I place an order?

View our menu to decide which bowls you would like. Then simply click 'build my box' where you can select the number of bowls you would like along with your bowl selection.


  1. 2 have a question/enquiry, how do I get in touch?

We’d love to hear from you, simply drop us a message at hello@bowledoverfood.com and we’ll get back to you asap.


 3. What if I would like to subscribe to receive a box regularly?

Glad you asked! Our subscription service is coming soon, until then please feel free to purchase a box as regularly as you would like!

 4. How do your deliveries work?

Our deliveries are fulfilled every Thursday using an overnight courier service and you will receive your box on Friday before midday. You will usually receive a text to confirm the exact time in the morning that you will your box.

 5. Are the boxes packaged in a food safe way?

Yes! All chilled items are packaged in a chiller bag with ice packs and will arrive to you chilled. Once received, please move chilled items to your refrigerator as soon as possible. All dry ingredients are packaged separately.

6. How fresh are the ingredients?

The quality of ingredients in our boxes is highly important to us. So you can be sure of receiving top quality produce along with Free range poultry and grass fed beef. 

 7. How many does each bowl feed?

Each bowl feeds 2 people, sometimes 3.

 8. What can I expect from your boxes?

Each bowl feeds 2 people, so with our 3 bowl box you can expect enough food for at least 6 meals, and with our 5 bowl box you can expect enough food for at least 10 meals. In your box, you will receive all the ingredients to recreate your selected bowls at home along with the recipe cards outlining all the steps required.

 9. Is there anything I need in recreating my bowls?

We provide all the ingredients you will need to recreate your bowls. The only additional items you will need are salt, pepper and oil.