Bowled Over is the UK’s most exciting recipe box service, celebrating bold, vibrant bowl recipes inspired by cuisine from across the world. Founded by professional chef Jennifer Akhaya, you can look forward to experiencing the tastes of Asia, Africa, South America and beyond through our flavourful bowls. We’re here to inject life into home cooking to make it fun, dynamic and easy. Lastly, we’re here to serve those who are short on time but want to enjoy fresh, delicious home cooked food whilst exploring the world from their kitchen!

 No subscription needed, simply create your box by selecting from our monthly changing, mouthwatering menu. In no time at all, your box will be with you. Once it arrives, you'll receive all the ingredients needed for your bowls, all top quality, super fresh and all measured for you, along with our own range of spice blends and sauces. Lastly, you’ll also receive our recipe cards with clear instructions so you can create your own impressive bowls at home.

1. Browse our delicious menu
View our menu of delicious bowls and take second to read the backstory of the dishes. Warning - will make you hungry.


2. Order your box
Click 'Build My box' and select the number of bowls and you would like along with your chosen bowls and complete your order. 


3. Wait
We deliver once a week  express overnight service so you'll receive your box on Friday before midday. When building your box you can select from your choice on Friday delivery dates.


4. Receive your box!
Hurrah! Your box has arrived! Feel the joy and the love.


5. Create your bowls
You'll receive all the ingredients needed along with our recipe cards with clear instructions so you can create your own delicious bowls at home.


6. Enjoy!
Each of our bowls are designed to serve two - if it is just you, you'll have enough for dinner or lunch the next day (woohoo!), or if there are two of you, do your best to serve even portions! :-)