Who are we

Definition: to be overwhelmingly astonished

Established in May 2020, Bowled Over is the UK's newest gourmet recipe box company celebrating bowl dishes inspired by cuisine from across the world. We are a bold, young, fresh addition to the recipe box industry and we are here to celebrate bowls of goodness and bold flavours.


Our aim is to be a light in the world by spreading hope and joy, not only through our food, but through every touchpoint, every interaction and every encounter with us. 


Live Bold

We're here for the movers and the shakers, those going after their dreams and making a difference in the world. You know what you want and there's no way anything is stopping you. We're here to serve you and save you time and energy for the important things. Let's disrupt things for the better. Together.


We've taken a unique approach by offering a concise, delicious menu choice, plenty of vegan options, plant heavy dishes for all and bold inspirational food. 


All of our bowls are dairy free, gluten free and plant heavy. We use top quality ingredients including free range poultry and grass fed beef, we aim to use lean proteins for the majority of our dishes and make use of complex carbs and whole foods.


We believe food is more than simply fuel or sustenance for the human body, but it is to be enjoyed, savoured, and is a means to impart joy! Our bowls are a means of expression and every bowl is a masterpiece with a name and bowl story which we invite you into, making every bowl an experience in itself.


Our Founder

Upon losing her job as a professional chef amidst the Covid-19 crisis, Bowled Over came to being as a way to fuse not only her passion for food, travel and culture but as a means to spread hope, joy and encouragement that out of disaster can rise triumph.