It's Jollof Time (Chicken)


Serves 2  Calories: 580    Fat:27g   Protein: 31g   Carbs:59g

Bowl Details: West African inspired rice cooked in a spicy tomato & red pepper sauce, accompanied with plantain, avocado and a choice of garlic & chilli chicken.

You'll receive all the ingredients to recreate this dish at home along with our easy to follow recipe card.

Bowl Story: Jollof - that West African favourite has come to Bowled Over! We're so excited to present the It's Jollof Time bowl as part of our Bowdly Black series. We have made it easy to prepare this delicious meal to bring the West African experience to your home. Your box will contain all the ingredients you will need along with the simple instructions on our recipe card. Select from your choice of Chicken, Salmon or Vegan bowl.

Bowl Emotions: Satisfying, Nostalgic