Rio Carnival Bowl


Feeds 2 people

Bowl details: Chicken & Plantain Feijoada, Kale, Avocado & Red Pepper Salad and Brown Short Grain Rice

Bowl Story: Inspired by Brazil's national dish Feijoada (pronounced "fay-zhu-wada") and the colours and vibrancy of the capital's yearly carnival.

Traditionally, Feijoada is made with a selection of beef and pork cuts. However, I adapted the dish and created this recipe for two clients of mine, when I sought to make it lighter using a leaner protein but still retain the flavour punch. Traditionally topped with Farofa (dried Cassava, known as Gari in West Africa), the inclusion of Plantain in this bowl is a subtle nod to the African influence on the country. 

Bowl Emotions: Comforting, Warming, Moreish