Rio Carnival Bowl Vegan


Feeds 2 people

Bowl details: Black bean & Plantain Feijoada, Kale, Avocado & Red Pepper Salad and Brown Short Grain Rice

Bowl Story: Inspired by Brazil's national dish Feijoada (pronounced "fay-zhu-wada") and the colours and vibrancy of the capital's yearly carnival.

Traditionally, Feijoada is made with a selection of beef and pork cuts. However, I adapted the dish and created this recipe for two clients of mine, when I sought to make it lighter but still retain the flavour punch. Traditionally topped with Farofa (dried Cassava, known as Gari in West Africa), the inclusion of Plantain in this bowl is a subtle nod to the African influence on the country. 

Bowl Emotions: Comforting, Warming, Moreish